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aflac was snubbed at the oscars, but he said he doesn't feel slighted. with affleck out, who will win the best director's oscars is anyone's guess. the other one too close to call is best actress. silver lining playbook's jennifer lawrence won the golden globe. >> but she's also only 23, 24-year-old. jessica in zero dark 30, amaze bug it's not going to be the best performance of her career. >> daniel day lewis may have turned in his best performance playing the 16th president. he's considered a shoe-in for a record third best actor oscars. another heavy layer is hathaway for best supporting actress. she sad what she's looking forward tonight is smewsing with steven spielberg.
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>> you have to remind people that you are there but i also think that's part of being en actor. and seth seth mcfarland is hostg the show. look for him to sing and maybe ruffle a few feathers with his humor. mcfarland is trying to meet high expectations with a dassingly and astonishingly mediocre show. >> among those watching tonight will be a group of students at san francisco's academy of arts university. they played a role in a film with multiple oscars nominations, including best picture, director and actress. carolyn tyler has the story. >> the whole universe. everything together. >> before the of "the southern wild" made it to the big screen, a small group of students worked on it for months. >> you work on the shots, and
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you don't know how big it is going to be. you are just working on them because you love what you do. >> what he did was help create visual effects for the fantasy drama, set in the louisiana bayou. he painstakingly enhanced the look and feel of a levy explosion. >> there is added debris to make it a little bit more intense. >> the movie was made on a shoestring budget, under $2 million, so the financially-challenged director approached the academy of art university. student volunteers did most of the post production visual effects, and the teacher said her class brought heart and passion to the project. >> "lisa southern wild" had a great story. so i felt what we were doing was integrate into that story and helped tell the story in our own little way. >> this is where the magic
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happens. they call it studio 400a. in all 31 students from the academy of arts contributed to the hollywood blockbuster. they were in constant contact with the director. enjoying him and the young star doing a preview the skywalker ranch. >> it lingers in you and it's like, wow, i can't believe i fully worked on that and i was part of this huge film and i was part of what made it up there, my colleagues and i. >> they have the credits to prove it both on the screen and in the class and a resume as amazing as the movie. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars tonight. our live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can count down the final hours with our official oscars app. the backstage pass feature gives you the best access. you can get the oscars experience by downloading our oscars appear. it's available for i-phone,
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ipad, android and the kindle fire. abc7 is also hosting a virtual oscars party on our facebook page today. all you have to do to get your invitation is to like us on facebook and then you can hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans to post your opinions on the fashion snubs, oscars flubbers and surprises. and again our coverage begins at 2:00 with "on the red carpet at the oscars." you can see the stars arrive and then the big show begins at 5:30. following the oscars we have a recap of the biggest moments and the afterparties with otrc at the oscars and jimmy kimmel's oscars special at ten followed by abc7 news at 11:00. some people in the east bay were wake end by a magnitude 3 earthquake just before 3:00 this
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morning. there were no reports of damage or injuries. ripper mc hammer is tweeting after being arrested in dublin. some are calling the charges against him bogus. we have been tracking down the details. >> this is mc hammer's booking photo, taken thursday night after his arrest in dublin. according to police he was parked in the hacienda parking center when an officer approached him n a statement released the police say, quote, he had expired religion station on a vehicle that was not registered to him. he refused to give the information any information on the owner. mc hammer became very argumentative and continued to refuse to answer any questions about the vehicle. mc hammer, legally known at stanley burrell, was charged with suspicion of obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. the 50-year-old rapper lashed out through twitter, paining a
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very differently motivated picture of what happened. saying i rolled down the window and he said are you on parole or probation? he said as handed over his id the officer reached into the car and tried to pull him out. >> no charges should be filed. frankly, i think the resisting arrest and the other is a bogus charge. >> this attorney specializes a police misconduct cases and he's represented high profile clients, like in 1991. >> when you ask a person immediately if they are on probation or parole, you are essentially say that all black people i stop must be on probation or parole. >> no one answered thedor at burrell tracy's home but the tweets kept coming. late today he said the only thing more dangerous with a gun is a scared man with a gun,
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agenda and a badge. >> he will appear in court next month. abc7 news. six people are out of their homes this morning after a fire in san francisco's lower neighborhood. firefighters were called to waller street around 11:30 last night to fire flames in a three story building. the flames were under control and no one was hurt. the damaging is evaluated and there's no word on what caused the fire. milpitas fire officials are looking into a fire last night that broke out last night around 10:00. near dixon landing. it was outside of the home and spread to the garage but crews were able to keep it from destroying the house. a man is identified as a suspect in the fatal shooting of an aspiring rapper. the man was shot last week from
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gunshots from a black range recover. police believe this has been, 26 year-year-old harris, was involved. he has a record for kidnapping and pandering. they believed cherry and harris got into an argument at a casino. two others were killed when the car hit a taxi and the cab burst into flames. the state department stepping up their effort to find a missing bay area couple. they were last zone nearly a month ago getting into a taxi in peru. they had been on a pike trip through south america through december. they kept in contact through social media until january 25th. >> they were both posting nearly daley photographs of their adventures in peru to facebook and to twitter, as well. and also keeping in pretty close phone contact with their roommates and with their parents. >> the u.s. embassy in peru recently issued a kidnapping
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warning for americans and is working with local authorities to help find the couple. a $3,000 reward has been offered for information lead to go their whereabouts. it is 5:10 on this sunday morning. very different commute into the station this morning. no windshield moisture, no moisture. >> and a spring warmup. winds of 22 miles an hour near the airport and that allows temperatures to stay in the 50s in some neighbors. still the temperatures are dropping into the valleys. we are in for a warmup this afternoon. that's coming up. >> thank you, lisa. a horrific wreck at daytona just more than 200 fans. see how it impacts today's daytona 500, the biggest race of the year. and another twist in the story of oscar business
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>> welcome back. good morning. you are looking live from our roof cam at the embarcadero, the ferry building. the bay bridge. it's warmer than yesterday and dry compared to yesterday at this time. lisa argen will have your full forecast coming up in just a little bit on this oscars sunday. and coming up on abc's" this week "two powerhouse round tables take on spending before the pass cuts kick in, gun control and chinese cyber spice. don't miss it coming up right here on abc7.
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the daytona 500 scheduled to go over as planned following a violent crash at then of the race yesterday. 28 spectators were injured when one of the ten cars involved went sailing through the air and into the fence. abc news reporter chuck severson reports. >> the final crash came in the final lap of the race. kyle larson's car going airborne, crashing into the fence, spratting the track from the fans. the whole fronten of his car ripped off. a piece of the burning engine lodged in the fence. big chunking of debris flying into the grand stands. >> i had complaints in the cockpit but when i left all right and was able to get out of the car quick. >> all ten drivers checked out of the medical center of the track were okay but more than two dozen spectators were injured. >> the key was we were prepared, we responded, had the appropriate personnel in place and able to transport the individuals who needed to be transported off property and the
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others were dealt with on property. >> he was trying to block brad on the final turn. >> i made the move and then he blocked it and the two of us together started the chain of events that caused that wreck. >> as the cars kept crashing, three-time nascar champ tony stuart slipped by for the win. after the speedway emptied and the track cleared, they immediately got busy getting ready for sunday's super goal of racing. racing. >> we are confident we will be the 55th running of the daytona 500. >> it remains under investigation. >> new this morning the brother of oscar pistorius and facing a charge of his own with a highway death. that's according to the family. his brother was driving recklessly in south africa when he crashed into a woman driving a motorcycle. his trial was supposed to begin
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last thursday, the same day oscar pistorius had his bail hearing. this morning oscar pistorius is out on bail and he faces charges facing the murder. his girlfriend. and jimmy carter is in san francisco for a speaking engagement today. he will be addressing the commonwealth club this afternoon on the challenges of a superpower. tickets are available through city box office for $30 for nonmembers. his speech begins at is it -- at 12:30 this afternoon in the war memorial building on vanice avenue. lisa argen is joining us now with a look at the forecast. >> yes. we will warm up today. if you like it warmer, it will be a nice afternoon. if you head outside now the live doppler hd picked up a few areas of moisture yesterday. this morning we are nice and
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dry. looks like the last week of february will be lonely. a live look outside the roof camera. temperatures in some of of the locations are dropping but elsewhere we have more 50s around. 52 downtown. san jose at 40 and petaluma upper 40s. this is vollmer peak and a little bit of wind. i don't know if you can see that camera shaking. that's allowing for the warmer air to keep some of our protected valleys a little bit warmer. up in napa 46, but down the road in santa rosa, 4. 47 in fairfield with a pretty gusty wind there. concord 39. gilroy and los gatos in the low to mid-40s. this is the reason some of you are feeling warmer. we have northerly winds and with those northerly winds the atmosphere is well mixed. that's allowing for temperatures to stay up, especially at the airport.
5:17 am
the north wind at 22 miles an hour. we are looking at lighter north winds around the bay. but with a warmer start and a warmer atmosphere we will allow for temperatures to see a rebound today. more 60s around the bay. so sunny skies. it will be warmer. dry and mild for the rest of the week. it looks like march coming in like a lamb. and the next possibility of rain may be looking into the next weekend. so we will see a couple of systems drop our temperatures from day-to-day, but overall high pressure as it gets closer to the coast is going to allow for the warmup today. a couple weak systems every other day will flatten the ridge, then it rebuilds. that will being the pa earn right on through the rest of the week until thursday and friday. then the numbers really come up. so sunny skies today. not as breezy. we will are more mild temperatures. across the state then, yeah, look at all these 60s. we are talking 66 in sacramento with 70 in los angeles. so everyone coming up anywhere from two to four degrees across
5:18 am
the state today. taking you closer to home, we will look for plenty of 60s here from morgan hill to santa clara. 64. and on the peninsula low to hid 60s. san francisco looking at 63 downtown. that's considerably warmer than yesterday. and with those winds backing off, it should feel pretty good out there. a couple upper 60s there with the northerly winds. 68 in santa rosa with 65 san leandro. out over the hills more mid-60s, pleasanton. and in the next seven days you will notice the string of sunny days. every other day you notice a couple clouds here and there. that's where the ridge kind of backs off. weak system from the north not bringing any rain but maybe cooling us off a degree or two. look at friday, in the lower #* 0 he is. -- 70s. we have another resource for you to follow on twitter. plus get video forecast, spare the air alerts, power outage information and weather tweets
5:19 am
from your favorite weather team. a lot going on, even though it doesn't look like it we are always tweeting about a little weather and things going around the nation too. >> always good to be informed. thank you, lisa. next, another bay area buy back, and this one also ran out of money before all the guns could be turned in. we will
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>> the chinese community street fair continues today in san francisco's chinatown. last night hundreds of thousands of people packed chinatown for the annual new year's parade. we were there. >> this year's chinese new year parade and celebration started off with a bang and kept spirits going with all kinds of participants, including dance troupes, marching bands, and, of course, floats like this one, which was packed full of college scholars from around the bay. >> is this your first time marching in the parade? >> it's my second time. last year i was up there with a bear. >> this may have been his second time in the parade but there were plenty of people who hadn't even seen it up until tonight and some who didn't even know it was happening until they got caught up in with it lick this group visiting from dallas. >> it's huge. we can't even get a ride home. >> do you have a celebration
5:23 am
like this in dallas? >> no. >> this celebrates the year of the snake which is great for one person we talk to. >> it's my year and it's been a good year so far so i'm excited when the year has to bring the rest of the year. >> happy birth year. >> thank you. my birthday is in two weeks. >> this has been lit up in san francisco for about 150 years and organizers say it's the largest of its kind outside of the mainland china. while it is the year of the snake, it's the dragon that always seems to steal the show. >> having fun? >> yeah. >> what is your favorite part? >> the dragon parade! >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> in redwood city, hundreds of people packed courthouse square yesterday to bring in the lunar new year. abc7 christian sze hosted the event. this morning there are
5:24 am
nearly 400 fewer firearms on the peninsula after a tri-city gun buyback. the event involving palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park was no popular many were turned away. one man alone collected $1,400.00. >> i'm a duck hunt per and i've been hunting since i was ten years old. a lot of these rifles and shotguns, you don't use rifles for duck hunting, but i also deer hunt. and i just decided i don't want to collect guns anymore. >> in palo alto, the group conclude protect the children" which raised the money for the boo back held an an die gun rally, as well. the $52,000 the group collected was gone in just two and a half hours. >> pier40 on san francisco's waterfront has lead washington and the steve hold.
5:25 am
the tall ships are for visitors enjoyment and for learning programs for kids and those over 16 can learn how to sale a tall ship. the ships will be at the pier through wednesday. >> coming up next, the oscars count down continues. we're hours away from the big show and we will have a preview. >> plus pope benedict retires in a few days. as he prepares to leave there's one more scandal overshadowing the vatican.
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>> welcome back, everybody. good morning. we are starting this half-hour off with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> good morning to you. this is a live look at emeryville this morning. some neighborhoods are starting out milder and that's because of the strong northerly winds. it's allowing for the temperatures toasty up near 50 degrees this morning and oakland. in san francisco and elsewhere we are dropping into the 30s from the north and east bay valleys. range from the mid-30s to the lower 50s with clear conditions. look for more sunshine and a warmer afternoon today. a couple of upper 50s half moon bay and warmer in the locks
5:29 am
of the north bay. the north winds work for the down sloping effect to affect the warmer highs basically in the north bay. elsewhere you will feel the warmth as well. we are talking clear conditions tonight, 40s and 50s. a couple of elements you need to know about for the week ahead as we round out february and begin march. we will detail that outlook when we see you next. katie. >> thank you, lisa. only a few hours ago pope benedict xvi gave his final blessing from the vatican. his decision to step down is unprecedented in the modern christian church and now there's new speculation as to why. we are live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. good morning kira. >> good morning to you. there are more unconfirmed reports this morning the pope is stepping down so he won't face a scandal for priests being charged with sexual abuse. the pope still maintaining he is resigning because of his
5:30 am
advancing age. pope benedict spoke had a clear, strong voice this morning for the crowd of 100,000 faithful for the crowd that gathered for his final blessing. they say he's not abandoning the church, instead he will serve the church with the same dedication he has had until now but will do so in a more suitable way to my age and my strength. meanwhile in los angeles, the cardinal had to testify under oath yesterday about allegation he is actively concealed the crimes of pedophile priests. people who were sexually abused by free throws in los angeles say they are outraged that the cardinal should help choose the next pope. >> it's absolutely mind-boggling to me how this continues to go on and mahoney should be in jail. >> this time next week the papal apartment will be sealed for his
5:31 am
successor. pope benedict has one more official appearance, his wednesday audience in st. peter's square one day before his official retirement. in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> the red carpet is out and the last minute preparations are wrapping up for tonight's big event, the oscars. abc7 news arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has a sneak-peek for us from the dolby theater in hollywood. >> it's so exciting to finally be here. we are showing sin yeah and rex of san ramon. they won bleacher seats in a random drawing. >> it's intriguing. i love the environment and i love to watch the mechanics of the environment. a whole different take on society right here. >> this is where they will see the stars. the red carpet getting finishing touches. there were sketches of classics from films and it is lined with roses and cherry blossoms. >> we wanted to do something a little more modern. there wasn't anything that was
5:32 am
preplanned or there was no samples made. >> inside the dolby theater will will be james bonds? barbra streisand will sing here for the first time this 36 years. and host seth mcfarland may become a household name. >> i expect to have them hating me within the first 30 seconds. >> the i i think the surprises of this show will be the musical numbers and the people who walk on stage that you have no idea are coming. >> he was hosting the beyond the red carpet preshow. the governor's ball features food from the flavor-filled little oscars. >> we combine great taste with great style. >> it continues monday morning live with kelly and michael. it's a challenge. >> much more challenging. it's a huge undertaking. we did it last year, it was a big hit, so we decided to go for it one more time. >> who will the voters pick? its unpredictable. len con took an early lead and
5:33 am
then zero dark 30. i was charged by silver line's playbook. and then argo and then ben afflect was snubbed by the academy. >> we are both voting for argo. >> i loved argo. >> this is an unpredictable films. there's been many good films and it's hard to say who is going to win it all. in hollywood, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> on the red carpet has the first position along the red carpet, which means otrc's rachel smith will have the freshest interviews with all the stars. we are here in the heart of hollywood gearing up for one of the biggest nights, of course the oscars. we're hanging out in front of the dolby theaters. crews are busy putting finishing touches on the oscar red carpet. this place has to be picture perfect by showtime. when stars like jennifer warren, this place is ready to go.
5:34 am
etrc is in the very first interview position on the carpet. we will chats with some of your favorite stars as we arrive. after they do an interview with us they then face hundreds of photographers that are lining the 500-foot red carpet, trying to get that picture-perfect shot of the stars before they go into the theater for tonight's big show. nominees, the fashion, the bling, we've got it all covered. you don't want to miss a moment of the action. check it out on the red carpet at the oscars live. it all starts this afternoon. check out your local listings. >> and abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars tonight and our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can count down the final hours with our official oscars app. the backstage pass feature will give you the best access with more than a dozen cameras, streaming video, behind the scenes and from the red carpet. you can get the oscars experience by downloading our oscars app. it's available for i-phone, ipad and kindle fire and
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android. like us on facebook and you can hang out with 95,000 other bay area fans to post your been on the fashion flops, oscars snubs and surprises. rsvp for that right now. our oscars coverage begins at 2:00. it starts with "on the red carpet at the oscars." are you can see the stars arrive at four with oscars red carpet live and then the big show at 5:30. following the oscars we will have a recap of the biggest moments and the after oscars party. jimmy kimmel oscars special airs at ten, followed by abc7 news at eleven. coming up, two bear cub rescued at lake tahoe are now back in the wild. see the moment they are released. let's take a live look outside at 5:37 this morning in san francisco. this is our hd roof cam looking live at the bay bridge in the embarcadero there in the
5:36 am
foreground. a quiet morning for you, dry and a quiet morning for you, dry and a little warmer. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> two black bear cubs confiscated from a suspected poacher have been returned to the wilderness. they spent 11 months at a wildlife center with almost no human contact and now they are big enough to make it on their own.
5:39 am
we have the story only on abc7 news. >> this is a big day for bear cubs that almost didn't get to grow up. they were from -- found last summer at a nevada county gas station. they were illegally taken from their mother. they wade just 15 pounds each and would have though chance in the forest so they were brought here to a bear facility in california. lake tahoe wildlife center. >> we are giving them a second chance to be a wild animal. >> that chance starts today. >> there's the two cubs right there. >> the cubs spent the summer here eating and growing. then they began hibernating. today they are moving to a den in the wild. first veterinarian gives them a sedative. as it starts to take effect, he starts to wrangle the cubs. >> watch the door. >> i'm trying to get her to move
5:40 am
so i can get her brother. >> the male cub was sedated first so he's already i am mobilized. he's a big load now, 90 pounds. volunteers carry him inside for a checkup. >> looks good. >> they want to make sure the bears are healthy before they are released. they are being handed over to the state fish and wildlife department. mark kenyon is their man in charge of bears. >> we use the eye guards to help, to make sure they stay calm while under the anesthesia. >> female cub is much smaller, a 4 pounds. just heavy enough to be released safely. this is a happy moment for the couple who has given the cubs such good care. >> hopefully they will be running across the mountains, climbing trees, doing what bears should do. >> the bears are loaded into a cage in a pickup truck. then they are on on the road bod for sage and forest north of lake tahoe. >> it will be quite remote and away from people so they don't have the tendency to walk into town and get straight into trouble. >> after an hour and a half
5:41 am
drive the bears are moved to a sno-cat to head out to their new home. nine orphan cubs have been successfully release this had this area since 2004 so their chance of survival is very good. the last part is by sled. finally it's tim to load them into their new den. it's actually a plastic doghouse covered with snow and outfitted with a bed of straw. >> we try to give them a save sense of security. it gives them that sense i'm safe, i'm in a secure spot, nothing can find me. >> the den door is covered with tree branches and a lot of snow. now it's up to the bears f all goes as hope, they will wake up, check out their new neighborhood, then snug he will back in for the rest of the winter. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the man accused of illegally killing the mother is facing four misdemeanors. if you would like to help the
5:42 am
foundation we have links at just click on "see it on tv." they had a nice shot out there. >> big changes today. much drier. in fact the winds is keeping some neighborhoods a little milder. no rain to speak of. other neighborhoods the numbers are dropping into the 30s. san jose, the numbers are in the 40s here. east and north, it's getting chilly. we will pinpoint your forecast for the rest of the weekend and talk about the end of february as march arrives the open of the week. >> thank you. also ahead, joe thornton tries to fire up his teammates against the dallas stars and end the sharks' recent slump. mike shumann has the
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> last night the sharks tried to break out of their recent slump in dallas. here's mike shumann with the highlights and this morning's sports. >> good morning. we are going to start you on the ice with the sharks. they have only scored twelve goals in the last ten games. nothing is clicking. as a result they have dropped nine of their last ten. in dallas last night joe thornton showing fight. at least he scored a few punches. didn't help the sharks. their penalty kill faulterd. 1-0 stars. in the third, another stars power play. 2-0. sharks power play 2 of 46 in
5:46 am
their last 11 games. finally get one. marleau scores off the face-off. 2-1 stars. san jose thought they tied it up late, he puts it in but joe thornton calls for goaltender interference. questionable call but no goal. and 31 saves for the goalie. stars with 3-1. college hoops, we are talking cal bears after defending 23rd ranked or again thursday for the fourth straight win, hosted by oregon state yesterday. mike montgomery, 1 of 3 in score score -- since twine there. and bears open the game with a huge slam by richard sullivan. he had 7 points in the game. justin cobb gets the winning point thursday against the ducks. cobbs up again, difficult jumper. he had 18. four seconds left in the game. cal up one. he starts with the ball.
5:47 am
needs the bucket. s goes for the three, nothing but air. cal wins and improves to 18-9. stanford hosted by 23rd ranked oregon. 15.7 boards he had for the ducks. somehow gets that to go. the hookup on the alley oop and they led the way with 19 points. stanford ever lost three of their last four. 77-66 that final. st. mary's, another bubble team. the gaels are going to miss their senior. 5 of 10 from beyond the arc. he had 19 in the game. jordan, just four points. knocks in the floater and gets the foul. st. mary's improves to 24-5 on the year with the 74-66 win. probably punching their ticket to the big dance. and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day and enjoy the oscars right here on abc7. >> you know we will. that will be exciting. there's no weather issues down in hollywood.
5:48 am
and not really here either? >> no. we have a full moon tomorrow. nice and clear out there tonight. you might be able to see it. warmer in some spots and cooler elsewhere. as we head outside let's look at live doppler 7hd. you notice we aren't talking about any sort of precip. that has since moved out of here and high pressure is building in. we will look for a quiet radar return today. the rest of your weekend and into the next several days. here's a look downtown where temperatures are very mild, in the 50s from san francisco and oakland. san jose much cooler at 40. upper 30s petaluma. 46 in stanley cruise. livermore you are 10 degrees cooler. concord, i should say, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the near east bay is mild but in the valleys we are talking chilly conditions. 49 concord and 47 in fair feel. very gusty winds here. if the winds aren't warming you up, the lack of wind is cooling you off. santa rosa 34.
5:49 am
44 gilroy. but the winds are basically out of the north w that gusty north wind in fairfield, this is allowing for a better mixed atmosphere and a warmer start for some of you. but for most we will see the warming today, that north wind at 22. sfo and elsewhere a little jump start with the sunny conditions. that allows for the warmest day to be today out of the weekend. yesterday it was cool with more 50s and 60s. today we will see more 50s than 60s unless you are at the coast. dry and mild the rest of the week. march coming in friday very quietly. in fact we are going to look at maybe the next chance of rain into the next weekend. so still high pressure firmly in control. we've got the high building closer to the coast and the low moving into the great basin. so the pressure gradient not as steep, but we are looking at that those north winds. the north win are the warming winds, especially for the north bay. and that cooling offset from the
5:50 am
cool pacific waters. we will get the win direction elsewhere today. across the state, numbers warming up everywhere. they are talking mid-60s sacramento and chico. still a little cool at the coast, 71 los angeles and back home numbers there be pretty pleasant from fremont and oakland. 64 for a high today in oakland. as you head to the north, take a look at that, 67 and 6 in santa rosa. but still keeping it cool with 58 half moon bay, 63 in santa cruz. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures today much warmer than yesterday at the coast and even inland. i should say the other way around, in planned coast. we are looking at a the cooling tomorrow. a weak system to the north of us will allow the numbers to be in the low to mid-60s. very little change until the end of the week when we see lower 70
5:51 am
s. >> lisa, thank you. hours from any we will find out which movie is the best of the bunt inch the academy awards. but right now you can find out which one was the worst. come up, the
5:52 am
almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate.
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♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. here are the webbing numbers from the last night's super lotto. nobody correctly picked all six
5:54 am
so wednesday night's jackpot now estimated at $30 million. >> silver lining's playbook took home the best award honoring independent film. the picture won four awards, including best actress for jennifer lawrence who is also nominated for an academy award. it also took home honors for best screenplay and best director. best actor honors goes to john hocks. and those are some winners. how about some losers? hollywood is recognizing the worst in cinema for 2012 ahead of tonight's oscars. drumroll, please. these are the annual razzie awards. "the twilight saga, breaking
5:55 am
dawn" is the loser. it featured worst actress, stuart, and adam sandler took home worst actor for the second year in a row, this time for his debacle "that's my boy." of course, "twilight" laughing all the way to the bank. next at six another celebrity mug shot. mc hammer arrested in the east bay high. he believes racial profiling might be behind it. >> i'm craig, soon-to-be in the company of the stars. it's oscars sunday and i'll have a preview coming up.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. caroline tyler is off this morning. let's start with a first quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, katie. emeryville looking good. cooler conditions further out in the valleys. concord upper 30s. in santa rosa you are cool so this morning you can expect the typical valleys to be dropping into the 30s. elsewhere a north wind is keeping us mile. san francisco and oakland in the
5:59 am
50s." san jose about 40 right now. the forecast for the rest of the day will be warmer. we are talking about upper 50s just at the coast. say ocean beach and half moon bay. otherwise we are well into the 60s today. tomorrow a little bit cooler. so day-to-day the changes will be with us throughout the rest of the month. this evening we are talking mainly clear conditions. so we will see how much cooling we get in the next couple of days and see if we can sneak any rain in here before march arrives. katie. >> lisa, thank you. >> it the biggest night in hollywood tonight. a saw loot to james bond, a new host. we are joined live from hollywood with a preview. good morning, craig. >> good morning, katie. yeah, just a matter of hours the czars are going to begin arriving here. they are going to head up the stairs right behind me. they will take a left and they will join the show. tonight's big nominee, this year's big nominee is

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